Tsakaling Samtenchoeling Goenpa, Tsakaling Gewog, Mongar

It was in 1600 when Lam Tenzin Doendrup, born to Trashigang Yonphu Choeje, went in search of suitable site for construction of a monastery that his cap got tangled to a thorn soon he reached the current site of Samtenchoeling Goenpa. He immediately stopped at the site and declared that the construction was destined at the site. The current name Tsakaling was derived from the local dialect "Tsakaling" meaning "Cap" and the Goenpa was named Tsakaling Samtenchoeling Goenpa. As the first Lam of Tsakaling Samtenchoeling Goenpa, Lam Tenzin Doendrup's successive descendants looked after the Goenpa as one of the main seats for protecting and promoting Garthig-Yang-Sum (excellence in the performing arts and musical instruments) related to Pemalingpa tradition. It continued and flourished until the 10th descendant late Lam Choeyig Dorji after which there was increasing downfall with discontinued transmission and empowerments besides dwindling hermitages and Goenpa. In view of protecting and promoting Peling tradition, Lam Tenzin Doendrup and community members had unanimously offered the Goenpa to Gangteng Truelku Rinpoche on the 9th day of the 1st month of Iron Dragon year.