The Sixth Gangteng Truelku Tenpai Nyima (1838-1874)

The sixth Gangteng Truelku, Tenpai Nyima was born into the Kurtoe Dungkar Choeje family amidst miraculous and auspicious signs in 1838. His father was Tenpai Gyaltsen, a 31st generation scion of the Nyo lineage and son of Dungkar Choje Lama Langkha Rinpoche.

The young Truelku was enthroned as the sixth Gangteng Truelku in an elaborate ceremony. On that occasion, the Palden Drukpa Rinpoche Zhabdrung Jigme Norbu offered the prayer of long life to the young Truelku.

Later the Truelku travelled to Lhalung in Tibet and received the complete empowerments and the transmission of the ripening instructions and liberating from the 7th Sungtruel Rinpoche, Ngawang Choki Lodro.

After his return to Bhutan, the Truelku became the root-guru of the Dzongpon of Lhuentse Dzong and stayed in retreat for 5 years at the blessed sacred place of Rinchen Bumpa. Many signs of his realization were observed during this time.

After completing his retreat, the Truelku instituted the Dungkar Tsechhu where dances such as the Padling Ging-Sum, Padling Tercham and Karma Lingpa’s revealed dance Raksha Mangcham, were introduced for the first time. The mask for the Raksha Lango, a treasure of Pema Lingpa, was taken from Khochu and kept at Dungkar. Even today the tradition of the mask dance master being selected from amongst the descendants of the Dungkar Choje family is observed.
Moreover at that time, the Truelku benefited the people of Kurtoe Dozhi, Zhonggar Chadue (present day Mongar) and Kheng Rig Nam Sum regions by revealing the Padling treasures, as well as by conducting numerous Dharma activities.

Soon thereafter, having further strengthened the annual tradition of performing tsechhu rituals and mask dances at the Gangteng Gönpa, and having unstintingly benefited both the living and the dead, the Truelku passed into parinirvana in 1874.