The Second Gangteng Truelku Tenzin Legpe Dhondrub (1645-1727)

The second Gangteng Truelku Tenzin Legpe Dhondup was born into the Bonbi Tenzin Legpe Dhoendup Choeje family in Trongsa in 1645, amidst auspicious signs. As a young boy, he could relate stories and identify his personal horse as well as details about Gangteng Goenpa. Since he could recall all his past disciples and attendants by name, he was recognized as the unmistakable reincarnation of Gyalse Pema Thinley, and was enthroned by Kunkhyen Tshultim Dorje as the second Gangteng Truelku at the Gangteng Goenpa.   The Truelku received teachings on philosophy, science, astrology and other subjects from renowned and learned teachers and gained mastery over these fields of study. He also received instructions, explanations and empowerments from different masters including the 4th Thukse Tenzin Jurme Dorji.   He undertook outer, inner and secret practice of Lama Jewel Ocean (Lama Norbu Gyatsho), Vajrapani, Dorje Phurba, Wrathful Guru, Jangter Karma Guru and numerous other tutelary yidam deities. Having meditated and practiced the Trulkhor Lungbumchen of Dzogchen Kunzang Gongdu with great determination and effort, he achieved all the signs of realization of the teachings. Although, he wished to continue with a long and strict retreat, due to hostilities with the Tibetans, the government requested the Truelku to perform rituals of exorcism in Punakha and Wangdiphodrang to repel the invading forces.   While performing one such wrathful ritual at the Punakha Dzong, everyone saw a blazing fire spring forth from the ritual torma cakes and fly towards the direction of the enemies. Not long after, news came that the enemy forces had retreated, at which the Deb Raja rejoiced and offered the Lekhabi fields, horses and water mills to the Truelku as a gift. When the Truelku was around 37 years old, Gyalse Tenzin Rabgye granted to him Chitokha Goenpa (formerly offered by the Chagzam Choje to Zhabdrung Pema Thinley) as his winter residence, and Lekhabi as the landed estate, along with many other precious gifts.   At around 38 years of age, the Truelku started building the Chitokha Phuntshog Rabtenling Lhakhang. Within a span of three years, the lhakhang was completed in all respects both inside and out. At that time, he also left his footprint on a corner stone which to this day it remains as an object of faith and devotion. Later, there was a major earthquake in the Wood Horse Year and the Lhakhang had to be repaired.   The Truelku had many visions of Lamas, Yidam deities and dakini and he received many predictions. He had shown miracles on many occasions during his life, which was sign of his great spiritual accomplishment.   Amongst his followers Gyalse Tenzin Rabgye, Penlop Jingyel and his brothers received the transmission and empowerments of Lama Drakpo Marchen and Tshethri Dorje Threngwa from Truelku Rinpoche. Other disciples were Khenchen Pekar Lhundrub, Koma Thrang Choje Yeshe Ngedrub, and Nephu Truelku Sangngak Gyaltshen. There were also numerous other followers of all levels from Bhutan.   In the presence of the chant master and the chamberlain, Truelku Rinpoche said that since it was uncertain how long he would live, and also that since there was no difference between the Padling father and sons and Gyalse Tenzin Rabgye&#39;s incarnate Truelku Jetsun Mipham Wangpo, an invitation should be extended to him. Having welcomed him with a grand ceremony the Truelku installed Jetsun Mipham Wangpo as his successor. The Gangteng Truelku then imparted all the sacred and profound teachings of the Padling tradition to Jetsun Mipham Wangpo and then handed over charge of the entire monastery to him.   Then, in 1727 on the 15th day of the auspicious month of Lord Buddha&#39;s Descent from Tushita Heaven, Truelku Rinpoche who was 82 years old passed into nirvana.</p>